DWH PROJECT MANAGEMENT LTD provides the following civil engineering consultancy services

Project Management

Project ManagementDWH Project Management staff have amassed a wealth of experience in managing and co-ordinating a wide range of types and sizes of civil engineering projects from feasibility and planning stage through to construction and handover. DWH Project Management offers a range of services to suit the Client’s needs including:

  • Overall project planning, control and co-ordination
  • Advising on Consultant and Contractor Appointments
  • Managing the interface with highway authorities and regulatory bodies
  • Managing the interface with key stakeholders
  • Programme and change management
  • Cost control
  • Project reviews
  • Project risk register
  • Value engineering
  • Organisation and control of project meetings
  • Role of Employer’s Agent

Contract Management

Contract ManagementWe have experience of performing the role of Contract Administrator on numerous civil engineering and earthworks schemes under the ICE and JCT Conditions of Contract and, more usually, under the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract undertaking the role of Project Manager.  DWH Project Management has the advantage over many of its competitors in that we are not only proficient in project management but, importantly, we are technically competent in many aspects of civil engineering – particularly highway works. The Contract Administration functions typically comprise:

  • Ensuring effective and pro-active communication between all parties to the contract and with key stakeholders
  • Developing and maintaining a risk register
  • Change management – administering Early Warning Notifications, Project Manager’s Instructions and Compensation Events
  • Assessment of Compensation Events
  • Programme management
  • Assessment and certification of contractor’s payment applications
  • Organisation and control of progress meetings
  • Organisation and control of risk reduction meetings

These functions, particularly when undertaken under the NEC3 form of contract, would be performed in a
spirit of mutual trust and co-operation with the project manager working closely with both the Employer
and the Contractor to see the contract through to successful completion.

Site Supervision

Site SupervisionDWH Project Management staff have undertaken site supervision services on many civil engineering projects ranging from minor footway repair schemes through to new relief roads and major motorway widening schemes.  In undertaking this role, DWH Project Management would typically:

  • Inspect the works to check quality of materials and workmanship to ensure adherence to the drawings and specification. DWH Project Management are very familiar with the Specification for Highway Works and many local authority highway requirements as well as Sewers for Adoption and other industry specifications/requirements
  • Maintain records of site inspections – noting works in progress, any non-compliant works, plant and labour used, prevailing weather and any other pertinent information
  • Make recommendations for any testing or specialist inspections
  • Notify any defects found
  • Communicate effectively and pro-actively with the Contractor and Employer
Principal Designer Services (2015)

principal-designer-servicesDWH Project Management are able to carry out the duties of the Principal Designer under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.  By working closely with the design team, DWH Project Management will endeavour to eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy and focus on the significant health and safety issues throughout the design stage of the project.  At the construction stage, DWH Project Management would continue with the Principal Designer duties ensuring that all relevant information is communicated to those who need it and review the Principal Contractor’s health and safety procedures.  DWH Project Management would typically undertake the following Principal Designer duties:

  • Advise and assist the client with their duties
  • Notify details of the project to HSE on behalf of the Client
  • Coordinate health & safety aspects of design work and co-operate with others involved with the project
  • Facilitate good communication between the Client, Designer(s) and Principal Contractor
  • Identify, collect and pass on Pre-Construction Information
  • Review the Principal Contractor’s Construction Phase Plan
  • Liaise with the Principal Contractor regarding ongoing design work – reviewing risk assessment and method statements as appropriate
  • Prepare/update the health and safety file
Utilities Advice/Reports including Services Searches

Utilities Advice/Reports including Services Searches DWH Project Management can provide utilities advice at due diligence/project feasibility stage, planning application stage or design stage. We offer a range of services depending on the Client’s requirements and project stage, including:

  • Comprehensive utility asset record searches (with report on findings if required)
  • Obtaining budget (C3) and/or detailed (C4) cost estimates for any required utilities diversions
  • Assessment of utility load demands for proposed developments
  • Obtaining budget/detailed quotations for new incoming services supplies to serve proposed developments from the incumbent network providers and from independent network operators/utility providers
  • Providing written reports covering some or all of the above as required